Stoff und Plastik

Allen Merch gibt’s auf unseren Shows oder auf Bestellung
unter goldfischmichael [at]


01. Vale Tudo, Dead Inside 02. Victory Kid, Clownin 03. Burning Fuses, Hopeless Home 04. storm, One For Glory 05. Maxxwell, Independent 06. Track The Liars Down, Against The Grain 07. Unified Move, Social Network 08. Your Fault, Complaint 09. Sink or Swim, Final Opponent 10. So Wasted, Broken Scene 11. Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Symphonie 12. With All One's Heart, Apocalypse 13. All To Get Her, Are You Done Now 14. Selbstbedienung, Helden der Gesellschaft 15. The Nutcutters, Paranoid (feat. Muriel Rhyner) 16. Nofnog, Empty Glasses 17. Laerm, What It's All About 18. Bright Lights, Raise A Glass 19. The Fucks, Wake Up 20. POSTfOG, Emptiness 21. Fall Down, 226 22. Space Time At Night, Rusty Knives

Sampler – CH-Punk und mehr.
Merch Arsenal Europe Sampler 2018.
22 Bands, 22 Songs.
u.a. Vale Tudo, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Nofnog…und Laerm mit what it’s all about.
gratis  an unseren Shows.




Erstes Laerm-Album.
12 Songs, 35 Minuten.
Digipack, Inside-Out-Druck.
15 CHF.
Oder digital auf Bandcamp (10 CHF).




Erstes Laerm-Shirt.
established years ago.
fair trade, bio, fair made.
blau, rot, grün.
S, M, L, XL.
15 CHF.



laerm_three-rats-and-the-petting-zoo_EPZweite Laerm-EP.
three rats, and the petting zoo.
4 Songs, 10 Minuten.
Cd. Booklet. Kartonschieber.
5 CHF.




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