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So, here’s the stuff for those not liking websites in german…

For shows, just get in touch with us:
goldfischmichael [at] gmx [dot] net – or visit us on fb!

Summer 2018.
Brand new Sampler from Mercharsenal Europe with 22 Bands from Switzerland, amongst them Vale Tudo, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo or Nofnog.
Come and get it at one of the shows of the bands!!

August 2017.
Here we go!!
Our album „restless“ got just released. You can find the album on our bandcamp-site now.

July 2017.
Hello again.
We spent some month with Cédu at the beautiful Damm-Studio this spring. So now, our debut full length album called „Restless“ is finally ready. Listen to the first song „what it’s all about“. And come the the record release show on august 24 @badenfahrt in Baden/CH.

November 2016.
Finally, we put one new song online.
Recorded in spring 2016, this is the lyrics-video of the song called „this world is not for us“:

October 2015.
our new EP called Next Step is out now:

March 2015.
Can’t wait to hit the road!
Here are all the nice places we will stop at:
03.04.2015 – Kredance, České budějovice (cz)
04.04.2015 – Utopia, Pelhřimov (cz)
05.04.2015 – Klub Had, Liberec (cz)
06.04.2015 – La Bugana, Šurany (sk)
07.04.2015 – Club Depo, Opava (cz)
08.04.2015 – Auto da fé, Kladno (cz)
09.04.2015 – M-Club, Ostrov (cz)
10.04.2015 – Boss Bar, Poděbrady (cz)

Hope to see you there!

Saturday April 11 is still free…so if you could give us a helping hand and set up a show, get in contact: goldfischmichael [at] gmx [dot] net

February 2015.
here we go – Laerm is definitely on the road from April 3 to April 11! Details follow very soon. And:
Friday April 3, Saturday April 4 and Monday April 6 are still free…so if you could give us a helping hand and set up a show, get in contact: goldfischmichael [at] gmx [dot] net
see you soon. Laerm.

January 2015.
Laerm has had a good start into the new year. We’re currently writing new songs, practising and planning this and that for the coming months. So stay tuned and come back to this site soon to get all the news.

with pleasant dreams. Laerm.

February 2014.
hell yeah! we’re back and stoked…fantastic weekend tour!
many thanks to all the people in Slovakia and Czechia that gave us a helping hand, something to eat, a place to sleep, a story to tell.

ďakujem and děkuji…see you soon!!

January 2014.
The songs from most recent EP „three rats, and the petting zoo“ are now available online:

Who and what is LAERM

Laerm is dTh on drums, LaevelLoefter on guitar and joder on bass, both doing some vocals, and goldfishMichael on guitar as well as doing the rest of the vocals.

Established back in 2001, it was (and still is) a classic do-it-yourself project without anything…no instruments, no practising room, no idea of doing songs together. At least we had this sweet dream of playing a show.

Well, it took some years to realize this dream, but it went true on November 21, 2007. Apparently, with this great success problems cannot be far away; daydreaming instead of hard-working lessons – the sweet flavour of becoming famous without doing anything.

Again, it took us some years to realize. But since summer 2012 we’re back on track writing songs, working hard, and playing shows. After two lovely years with drumsM on drums there was another line-up change during summer 2014. For the first time ever, Laerm is now a four piece punkrock band looking for new adventure.

You’ll find some music stuff here, some live songs here, and all the show dates are posted here.

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